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RotM: Interview with Dr. Michael Loik

Prof. Michael Loik at UCSC Photo credit: Michael Loik For this month's Researcher of the Month, we spoke to Professor Michael Loik , at the Environmental Studies Department at University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC). The Loik Laboratory has been studying the impact of short term weather patterns, changes in atmospheric composition and changes in plant physiology as a result of climate change in arid and semi-arid ecosystems. Using results from their studies, the lab prepares communities for the ongoing climate change and devises information for adapting to fire risks and droughts. With a focus on reducing the emission of green house gases, the Loik laboratory also works on finding innovative solutions for farmers, which we will discuss today.  Before, we get started, here is a video summary of his recent publication in the journal Earth's Future . A man of few words, Prof. Loik was quick to revert to our queries regarding this wonderful accomplishment

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