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Watch spectacular moths fly in slow-mo [Video]

 There are a lot of slow-mo videos out there but nothing as spectacular as these beautiful moths taking flight.  It might not have David Attenborough's narration but makes up for the deficit by capturing some rare moths in flight.  TV channels often focus on the larger animals but there is a lot to learn from these winged creatures as well.  This 6000 frames per second (fps) video was painstakingly made by Dr. Adrian Smith, who is part of the Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences & North Carolina State University.

Find your car in the parking space, with a little help from Science!

Pressing a button on the key unlocks all of the car doors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) How often do we find ourselves in a situation where we are in the parking space with absolutely no idea about where the car was parked. The keyless entry systems that most cars are equipped with today, do make life a little easier but if you are really stuck in a place that is massively huge and the push button at your disposal is out of the range of your car's receiver. Well, if you watch this video, you will have a trick up your sleeve, the next time you are caught in a situation like this. The bottle of water you carry can be quite handy. If you have liked reading this post, why not follow our blog, using the Subscribe  on the screen  or following us on your favourite social media, whether it is  Facebook  or  Twitter  or  Google+ ) and resolving to read every post that we send your way. 

Elephants- Nature's masterpiece

Apart from being big memory hoarders, elephants display a whole lot of emotion, we are just starting to understand. These gentle giants are known to have big brains as well as big hearts (metaphorically as well). This fun TED-Ed to remind us how magnificent the elephant truly is.

The dance of Pendulums- Pendulum waves (Video)

The beauty of science and the conception of art. Pendulum Waves are a great example of a kinetics sculpture working on simple harmonics. Whats brilliant about these structures is that it runs on simple physics, that takes 15 balls and suspends them at different, well calculated lengths. The Pendulums are placed in increasing order of length of the pendulum, so while the longest completes 51 oscillations in 60 seconds, the shortest takes completes 65, producing a dance that is a visual delight. ENJOY!

Strange laws of attraction in birds!!!


Optical Illusion - different shades of grey!

This is quite interesting! What do you think ??

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