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How To Capture CO2 Straight From Thin Air

  Direct Air Capture of CO 2 Researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan University , Tokyo, Japan have developed a new system for carbon sequestration that may be able to capture and store carbon directly from the air with great effectiveness and efficiency. Image source: pixabay This novel system, described in a study published in ACS Environmental last month, utilizes a liquid sorbent called Isophorone Diamine (IPDA) which is water-soluble. When IPDA comes into contact with CO­ 2 at room temperature, it absorbs the greenhouse gas molecule to form a solid carbamic acid. The carbonic acid can then be separated out and stored as a solid, or it can be heated to 60°C in order to fully reverse the reaction. Reversing the reaction allows the IPDA to be re-used as a sorbent and controls the release of the CO 2 gas to be stored or used elsewhere. When compared to other established liquid-amine sorbents used for carbon capture, IDPA was far superior, as it was more effective at stripping CO­ 2

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