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Why Kenyan chameleons shine brighter in Hawaii

Image source: Jackson’s chameleons, a species of chameleon that was brought to Hawaii from a population in Kenya to be sold as pets. In a matter of decades, Jackson’s chameleons have populated the island of Hawaii and evolved in significant ways from their parent species, developing brighter colors to help in social interaction at the cost of being more conspicuous to predators. Martin J. Whiting is a professor of animal behavior in the School of Natural Sciences at Macquarie University, Australia. His research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of animal behavior and how it affects the animal’s ecological fitness. Recently, Dr. Whiting and colleagues published their findings on Jackson’s chameleons in Science Advances . CTS: Can you briefly describe your relevant findings for our readers who haven't encountered your article? MW: The main finding is that chameleons that are originally from East Africa, in this case near Mt. Kenya or the

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