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Plant-based Antimicrobial Food Wrap Could Be The Plastic Alternative We Desperately Need

Researchers at Rutgers University, in the U.S., have developed a plant-based biodegradable coating or food wrap that can protect edibles against pathogens. This can reduce the use of plastic packaging materials on food and prevent humans from its harmful effects. Image Credits: Pixabay "We knew we needed to get rid of the petroleum-based food packaging that is out there and replace it with something more sustainable, biodegradable and nontoxic," said Philip Demokritou , director of the Nanoscience and Advanced Materials Research Center. "And we asked ourselves at the same time, 'Can we design food packaging with a functionality to extend shelf life and reduce food waste while enhancing food safety?''' The making of the food wrap Researchers used a new packaging technology, focused rotary jet spinning, that converts polysaccharide/biopolymer-based fibres into a solid wrap. The fibres produced using this process can be degraded in the soil within three day

Japanese Researchers Make Edible Cement From Food Waste

Researchers at Tokyo University, Japan , have developed a technology that can convert waste food into cement for construction. The cement formed is edible and has tensile or bending strength four times the conventional concrete. With this innovation, researchers expect to reduce global warming by dealing with problems related to food waste decomposition. Methane is one of the greenhouse gases produced when food materials rot and is a significant contributor to global warming.    Image Credits: Pexels The Formation Of Food Cement According to the Chatham House , a London-based organization providing solutions to climate change, 8 percent of the world's carbon dioxide is emitted by cement production processes. Considering this, researchers developed a technology that could decrease dependency on concrete-based cement. They first developed a method to make concrete with fine wood particles subjected to heat compression. It involved three steps; drying, pulverization (crushing) and com

Why do whales wash ashore?

The following post was accepted as our guest post at the   Science Log , the English version of the  popular Hindi Science website, Scientific World . Below is the introduction to this post.  Last month, about 100 whales were washed ashore along the coastline of Tiruchendur, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. While locals in the area were successful in pushing back 36 of these whales using various methods, 45 of these creatures succumbed on the shore. Just a couple of weeks after this incident, a 30 foot whale was washed ashore on the western coast. Although,  we still await formal reasons for these incidents, you might have come across a lot of theories put out by experts as well on non-experts through various media channels as to why these whales might have reached the shores. Through this post, however, we will look at well investigated reasons why these sea creatures might leave the sanctity of their homes and travel to shallow waters. To read the complete post, pleas

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