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'Building in a bag' - the ingenuity of concrete canvas

Image from Imagine a future where a piece of cloth that you lay down and  spray some water on turns into a slab of  concrete ! This is the magic of 'concrete canvas' and it is about to change some basic rules of civil engineering . Concrete canvas is a great innovation from engineering students Will Crawford and Peter Brewin, that feels like a normal canvas but put some water on it and it hardens in a few hours to give you a robust construction .  The cloth, impregnated with concrete,  is easy to transport and just needs water and some air to complete a construction. It doesn’t need heavy equipment , good working surfaces and is not labour intensive at all. You will need lots of water, which need can be sourced from a bore well or even the sea, an air blower (if the construction is big and you are in a hurry)  and some labour to put the cloth in desired places. You can roll the sheets on to slopes and it will take up the contour of the land, makin