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Serbian Scientist Build Bioreactor in Urban Settings. It Is a Liquid Tree.

Planting trees is the most common approach for companies and governments to deal with climate change. However, the method is only appropriate for forests or large abandoned areas. We cannot plant a large number of trees in dense cities where the pollution is concentrated. Fortunately, Serbian scientists have developed a liquid tree to produce clean oxygen. The Big Problem According to the IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) reports, pollution is the major cause of human death, three times more than any disease such as HIV AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. In the context of Serbia, the region has two coal power plants that contribute heavily to the destruction of its environment. As the city is densely populated, traffic and heating and cooling of buildings are also the pollution-causing factors. Therefore, creating green areas in the city is a complex target to achieve due to the lack of free space. The Solution- Making of The Liquid Tree/ LIQUID 3 Dr Ivan Spasojevic , a

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