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AI-Powered Body Scanners to Detect Cancerous Moles on Skin

  As one enjoys the summer sun,  one might notice new moles on the body due to sun exposure. Medically, these moles, patches, or blemishes are classified as lesions. Over the past few years though these lesions have been increasingly presenting themselves as deadly malignant melanoma. To identify which mole might be cancerous, one needs to undergo a mole scanning procedure. This involves a dermatologist placing a dermoscope on top of a mole to enlarge it and record a picture. The doctor then does the procedure all over the patient's body. These time-consuming scans need the availability of a specialist and are seldom conducted, resulting in neglect and excessive healthcare expenses.  As Europe's sixth most frequent cancer, about 144,000 new cases are detected each year across the continent. The survival rate is 95% if the melanoma is detected while it is less than 1mm deep on the skin surface. Melanoma becomes metastatic if found later, and just 23% of individuals survive for

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