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Reprint Anatomy Textbooks: Scientists Have Identified a New Muscle Inside the Human Jaw

Image source : Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray (1918) The human body has always been a complex structure to study. It never ceases to amaze researchers who recently found a new layer of muscle in the lower jaw. Scientists at the University of Basel, Switzerland discovered an extra muscle layer that sits within the masseter muscle on the back of the cheeks and plays a crucial role in chewing. What is Masseter Muscle? The masseter muscle is a strong, thick, paired and rectangular muscle that runs through the posterior part of the cheek to the mandible or lower jaw on each side and closes the jaw during chewing. The masseter is one of the masticatory (chewing) muscles that is accompanied by other muscles such as lateral and medial pterygoid (causes protrusion, depression, elevation of the mandible) muscle and temporal muscle (produce movements in the mandible). Masseter's specific functions are protrusion (forward movement) and elevation of the mandible for causing a powerful

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