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Personality and Family Group Involvement Influences Capabilities in Marmoset Monkeys

Image: It was always assumed that only humans have personalities. However, personalities have recently been discovered in animals ranging from spiders to apes. Animals labelled as "friends" and, in some circumstances, entire social groups exhibit similar psychological qualities. Personality assessments and a battery of learning tests with common marmosets - tiny monkeys from South America - were undertaken by a group of cognitive and behavioral biologists from the University of Vienna, who discovered that a relationship, entangled with family group membership, occurs in these monkeys as well. The findings of the study were recently published in the journal Scientific Reports . Personalities have been associated with human qualities, as well as cognitive abilities such as academic or professional achievements. It has been suggested that animals who are more explorative and/or bold learn quicker. Vedrana Šlipogor and colleagues from the University

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