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Foamy Cells Help in More Accurate Prediction of Heart Attacks

CREDITS: Wikipedia A heart attack or stroke can catch people off guard, even if they believe they are not at risk. Now, a new model developed by UConn Health researchers might  help us detect cardiac disease  better. Heart  attacks and strokes are the leading causes of mortality in the United States, with cholesterol plaques obstructing blood arteries accounting for 70% of all deaths. Despite the high incidence of cardiovascular illness, our best efforts to forecast who is at risk of catastrophic events such as a stroke or heart attack have been unsuccessful.  Body mass, waist circumference, and the percentage of different fats in a person's blood are all factors in current risk models. However, using that model to correctly forecast whether someone would have a heart attack in the next five years, for example, is difficult. Other elements, according to many academics, must be at play. Cardiologists have a negative opinion of foamy macrophages. They're frequently observed as pl

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