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Low Power Lasers Can Help Tiny Sailed Probes Travel Fast in Space Says Recent Study

Image credit: Pixabay Space exploration missions, completed using space probes take several years to complete. A space probe is a spacecraft with no astronauts that travels through space to collect information. It sends back data to Earth that scientists can study to better understand our universe. The speed of these probes decreases in space due to a lack of gravity. For instance, a space probe named New Horizon, sent to Pluto took ten years to reach its destination, the dwarf planet in July 2015. Similarly, traveling to Proxima Centauri B, the star closest to our Sun will take thousands of years, even for big and advanced rockets. To increase the speed of these probes and reduce their travel time, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles  suggested that low-power lasers on Earth can launch and move probes at a faster speed as compared to rocket engines. All they need to have is a boron or silicon nitride sail for propulsion. Just as a sail catches the wind to move a

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