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Scientists Are Harnessing Fish Noises like 'Boops' and 'Unks' to Maintain Underwater Ecosystems

Many animals' noises have been thoroughly documented. If you look up bird sounds and whale songs on the internet, you'll find a great deal of information. A global collection for fish noises , on the other hand, was pretty much unheard of. That is why Audrey Looby , a doctoral candidate at the University of Florida, University of Victoria collaborator Kieran Cox and an international team of researchers created , the first online, interactive fish sounds repository of its kind. “People are often surprised to learn that fish make sounds,” said Looby. “But you could make the case that they are as important for understanding fish as bird sounds are for studying birds.” Image: Pink skunk anemonefish, one of the many fish that produces sound to communicate. Credit: Kieran Cox. Source: Visitors can listen to audio files, listen to sound visualisations, and more. The sounds of fish are grouped by species and sound name. When you click on the "boop" so

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