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Petroleum Residue Can Replace Carbon Fibers in Automobile Parts, Says American Research

Researchers at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge , have found a way of making lightweight materials from petroleum residue for automobiles to improve their efficiency and reduce  greenhouse gas  emissions. It is a cost-effective alternative for materials made from carbon fiber. Image credit: Pixabay A heavier car needs a heavy engine, strong brakes and other structural materials for efficient working. Carbon fiber is required to make these materials. Automobile parts made from carbon fiber are more expensive than materials made from aluminum or steel. The Department of Energy (DOE) in the U.S. was seeking methods to enhance the efficiency of cars and reduce the consumption of fuel by decreasing their overall weight. Researchers were looking for ways to make lightweight, cheap and safe materials that could replace steel. As carbon fiber could not be used to make lightweight structural materials for all automobiles , therefore, researchers aimed to develop low

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