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Sonogenetics : The Ability to Control Cells With Sound Frequencies

Image credit: Pixabay Researchers at Salk Institute for Biological Studies, California , have engineered mammalian cells that can be controlled with ultrasound. The method used by the team can support non-invasive treatment methods where no medical devices are inserted into the body to treat conditions, nor is there a need to undergo surgeries. This new technique can be used to develop non-invasive forms of pacemakers and insulin pumps for future use. "Going wireless is the future for just about everything," said Sreekanth Chalasani, associate professor at Salk Institute. "We already know that ultrasound is safe, and it can go through bone, muscle, and other tissues, making it the ultimate tool for manipulating cells deep in the body." Ten years ago, Chalasani got an idea of using ultrasound to activate a specific group of cells. Later, he coined the term "Sonogenetics" to describe this process. In medicine, Sonogentics is the use of ultrasound to manipul

Are you in sync with your microbes?

Bacteria, fungi and viruses are better known for the harm they cause and are usually associated with the words such as infections, fever and at times, even cancer.  The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars every year in attempts to develop new antibiotics, new methods of treatment for ailments caused by infections of these micro-organisms while health care providers spend resources to prevent such infections from occurring in first place.  But what if, the microbes are not meant to be kept away? What if we are looking at the problem the wrong way? What if the microbes are not the problem at all? Confused? Let us explain! Why micro-organisms? Although we first became aware of micro organisms in the year 1675, microbes are estimated to have occupied Earth almost 4 billion years ago. Not only are they the earliest inhabitants, they are also the most versatile and the most ubiquitous of all life forms. The total number of micro organisms on our Earth is estimated to be

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