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New Armbands Can Help Prosthesis Users 'Feel' Objects They Hold

Image credit: Pexels Loss of sensation is a major problem for people who don't have an upper limb. This prevents them from using the full functionality of their prosthetic hands. Although modern artificial hands are capable of controlling all 5 fingers mechanically, users can control one grasping movement at a time. Researchers at Florida Atlantic University of Engineering (FAU) investigated whether people could control grip forces applied simultaneously to two different objects held in artificial hands. To do so, they developed a novel wearable robotic armband which can transport touch sensations to the arms of  users. They also studied the role of visual and haptic (touch) sensations in grasping.  Haptic feedback is a technology that can create a sense of touch by applying vibrations, forces to the user. Using haptic feedback, users could complete activity without dropping or breaking objects even as their vision was blocked.  This approach of transporting objects also saved ti

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