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Are You an Expert in PCR? Taq Does Not Work the Way You Know

Credits: The University of California, Irvine's Departments of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy have discovered new information on a critical enzyme that enables DNA sequencing . The discovery marks a significant step forward in the future of customized medicine, when physicians will be able to construct medicines based specifically on patients' DNA.  “Enzymes make life possible by catalyzing chemical transformations that otherwise would just take too long for an organism,” said Greg Weiss , UCI professor of chemistry and a co-corresponding author of the new study. “One of the transformations we’re really interested in is essential for all life on the planet – it’s the process by which DNA is copied and repaired.”  The enzyme researched by the UCI-led team is named Taq, after the bacterium in which it was initially found, Thermos aquaticus. The UCI-led research discovered that Taq, which aids in the replication of DNA, functions in a fundamentally different way th

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