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Ancient Mayans Used Gemstones to Protect Their Teeth

Credits: Wikimedia Commons The Mayans, who adorned their teeth with colourful gemstones made of jade and turquoise, may teach modern dentistry a thing or two. The stones were not just for show. According to a recent research , the ancient people's glue for affixing the stones may have had medicinal advantages. Some of the sealants possessed antimicrobial qualities, according to research headed by Gloria Hernández Bolio of Cinvestav, Mexico. The scientist and her colleagues from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán , Harvard University, and Brown University examined the sealants in eight teeth discovered at Maya burial sites dating from 200 to 900 C.E. They discovered 150 chemical compounds in the samples that are often present in plant resins and are utilized for water repellent and glue-like qualities. Mesoamericans thought that their breath was a conduit to the divine, therefore they polished and filled their teeth to 'purify' it. Image: Eight Ancient Maya teeth were an

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