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Are introverts and extroverts different?

My mother has often worried about the way I seem to enjoy my time. My definition of a good time is at home by myself doing whatever I want with some scrumptious food at my disposal. My mother is a creature from a different universe. She loves the world outside, she adores meeting new people, socialising and playing host whenever she possibly can. I cannot tell you the number of times this personality disparity has made me question the biological basis of our relation, but that is a topic for another time.   If it is not obvious to you by now, my mother and I are not exactly on the same spectrum of the personality scale, while she is a shiny, beamy extrovert who gets energised by the external world, I am the warm, silent introvert who passionately clings to quality me-time whenever I possibly can. While you wouldn’t want to get caught on one of our quality mother daughter time, this got me thinking about how deep this difference between extroverts and introverts really is.

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