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Fluorescent Silk Tags to Help Differentiate Fake Medicines

Silkworms can produce edible, fluorescent silk cocoons (left side of left image); the proteins from the cocoons can be used in codes (right) to verify the authenticity of medications. Credit: Adapted from ACS Central Science 2022, DOI: 10.1021/acscentsci.1c01233 Recent changes, such as the development of online pharmacies and supply chain issues, have made it simpler for counterfeiters to profit from fake or adulterated drugs. Researchers have now constructed edible tags made of fluorescent silk proteins that may be put directly on tablets or in a liquid therapy, according to a study published in ACS Central Science . A smartphone app can scan the codes on the tags to verify the source and purity of the medications. Of late, the number of online pharmacies has exploded, offering a wide range of pharmaceuticals straight to clients' homes. Some of these companies are legitimate, while others operate unlawfully, offering poor, wrongly labeled, or tainted with undesired ingredients co

Eat spinach and keep Cancer at bay!

 Spinach (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Yes you heard it right, scientist believe that eating spinach can actually reduce the risk of getting colon tumours from 58% to 32%. For all those from the old school of genetics may say that this may not be true, as variations at the genetic level can actually make a person prone to cancer , and offset the occurrence of it as well. But the world of oncogenetics just got more complicated. Scientists believe that though this may be true, there are other factors involved in the development of cancer and tumours. There has been, over the recent years, a keen interest in the role of epigenetics (factors out of genetics), such as diet, environmental toxins , lifestyle etc. which may be playing a role in diseases. One such key epigenetic factor, which has baffled scientists are micro RNA . No one till date has put a finger on what role these tiny fragments of RNA have, except for expressing and silencing genetic codes. The best part,

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