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Feeling low at work? Add a plant to your workspace [Coffee-byte]

Plants make happier offices! Image source: If you have been feeling low at work for some time now, do look around to see if there is some greenery to cheer you up. If there isn't, do step out and get yourself a potted plant. Well, this is no ' feng-shui ' advice that we are giving away, but the result of three elaborate studies carried out by researchers at in UK and Netherlands and published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.   Studies on the effects of indoor plants date back to late 1990s but evidence for introducing green environs takes us back to the Burolandschaft movement in Germany in the 1950s when office landscaping was done to make working environment more collaborative and humane.  The obvious benefits of having a plant in closed spaces such as an office would be active replenishment of carbon di-oxide with oxygen thereby increasing productivity.  The other explanation for explaining this benefit is attrib

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