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Diseases Are on the Rise With the Recent Decline of Vulture Populations

Image: Left to right: A white-backed vulture, a hooded vulture and a thick-billed raven in Ethiopia. Credit: Evan Buechley Species with a defined and effective ecological purpose are in decline, and the less-specialized but more aggressive species that have stepped in to take their place are  not only ineffective but also destructive  to their ecosystem, which includes humans in this case. Vultures, wild dogs, rabies, and mounds of decaying animal corpses are all part of this narrative. But, in the end, it's about the ability to conserve ecosystems, even urban ones, in a state of balance that benefits the people who live there. "Carrion (decaying flesh of dead animals) consumption by vultures is declining, and increasing by most other scavengers, but that increase is not sufficient enough to make up for the loss of vultures,"says  Evan Buechley , a University of Utah graduate. "So there's a gap there. And what happens with that gap is a bit of an unanswered quest

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