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New Frostproof Coolants Are an Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting Alternative to Conventional De-Icers, Say American Scientists

Scientists at the  University of Illinois Chicago, US , have developed  environmentally  friendly anti-freezing coatings for aeroplanes as an alternative to conventional de-icers. Image credit: Pexels Airports are more crowded during the winters. Delays in board flights become longer when the aeroplanes need to be drenched with de-icing fluids. A de-icer is a substance that prevents the formation of ice by lowering the freezing point of water. These fluids help the aircraft fight the frosty winter. But, after the plane takes off, most of the de-icing liquid drops down from the surface and gets mixed with lakes and rivers, resulting in pollution of freshwater bodies. Sushant Anand , a UIC assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and Rukmava Chatterjee , a UIC PhD student, have developed an efficient alternative to conventional de-icers to benefit the demanding industries and consumers and prevent waterbody pollution. “We questioned the lifetime of the cryoprotectants and looked a

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