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How Tech giants use your personal data to offer convenience

Personal data is called so because it is intended to remain private. But with the internet boom, it is no longer private. Billions of people purchase products on the internet, catch up with their friends and family online, and run businesses with services offered by tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc on the internet. When you install any app for the first time, it asks you for details like email id, phone number, etc. But have you ever given it a thought as to why companies need these details or what they do with them? Short answer: They use data to promote their services and increase profits by improving users' experience. Long answer: Read on… Pixabay What do tech giants do with data? Tech giants use this data to track the users' location, for advertising, to understand users' behaviour in terms of online shopping and to sell data to affiliates. All these are actually putting your personal data at risk. However, e-commerce giants like Amazon also use this

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