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Fungal Diseases Threatened Banana Monocultures. Now They Are a Risk to Wild Bananas Too.

Image credit: Pixabay Fusarium is a species of fungus that affects the cultivation of a variety of crops. It is a plant pathogen that causes several diseases such as Fusarium wilt in bananas and solanaceous crops, head blight, crown rot and scab on cereals, etc.   Fusarium oxysporum , a Fusarium fungus species affects the cultivation of solanaceous crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, chillies, etc. Due to this, thousands of solanaceous cultivators had to face agricultural losses leading to low income and subsistence. Fusarium oxysporum or Foc is a soil-borne fungus that affects the tissues of plants. It enters the plant's vascular tissues through roots and deteriorates them. Vascular tissues help to transport minerals and nutrients within a plant. Any infection in these tissues can lead to plant death. Moreover, tackling this fungus is difficult as its spores remain in the soil even when infected plants and tissues are removed. As far as commercial trade is concerned, the banana ex

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