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Researchers Develop a New Smart Bandage That Can Monitor Your Painful Wounds Remotely

Image credit: National University of Singapore/ YouTube In research conducted at the National University of Singapore (NUS), scientists have invented a smart bandage that contains wearable sensors and can monitor chronic wounds wirelessly through an app . Chronic wounds are those wounds that do not follow the normal timelines of healing as well as the repairing process. Bleeding can occur randomly in these wounds, which also show changes in their pH level as an outcome of infection. Additionally, external pressure, trauma, inflammatory factors also affect these wounds which can lead to severe pain, stress, and discomfort. (Also read about the role of chitin in healing chronic wounds ) The treatment and diagnosis of a chronic wound are challenging as the healthcare provider has to rely on physical inspections and visual examinations, to monitor the growth of the wound.  This method is also troublesome for the patient as s/he has to visit the hospital multiple times, making it a time-con

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