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No Mate? No Worries!

Single celled organism Image source: Early life on Earth consisted of single-celled organisms that reproduced by dividing into half or what is formally known as asexual reproduction . As life evolved and more complex and multi-cellular organisms were created, two sexes became distinguished- the male and the female, which were both required in the process of sexual reproduction . It is believed that nature promotes sexual reproduction since it provides an opportunity of recombination of genetic material in a given population. There is evidence for sexual production in plants as well and distinct male and female plants do exist. Usually a female produces an egg which is then fertilized by a male gamete to give rise to an embryo, which grows into an adult organism. So, when we were busy considering ‘ Dioecy ’ (species have distinct male and female organisms) as one proof of our evolution, scientists have found that certain females can reproduce without the need

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