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Artificial Light - A pollutant or step towards something new?

I remember watching a documentary once about sea turtles and how they make their way every year to the same beach to lay eggs. The young ones hatch and are naturally supposed to move to the sea, but instead get dazzled by our bewitching shorelines. Lined with shops, eateries, restaurants and bright lights which is good for local  businesses but  it does not really pan out well for the little turtles. These young guys are intrinsically drawn to bright lights and get disoriented and start moving inland, instead of going the other direction.  If you look it up, this is one of the many things that come listed under 'light pollution'. Now that sounds absurd, light - and a pollutant, (that simply preposterous I say !!) but it is not something new scientists are pointing out to. The term is very broad but can be applied to light that is unpleasant and disruptive. Apart from the obvious side effects, i.e. heat and carbon dioxide, too much artificial light has lingering

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