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3D printed shoes help treat aging vulture's bumblefoot, twice

Pododermatitis, commonly known as bumblefoot, is the inflammation of the skin of the paw. It is a common bacterial infection and inflammatory reaction that usually occurs on the feet of birds, rodents, and rabbits. If left untreated, pododermatitis causes various difficulties such as pressure sores, tissue swelling, and calluses, which can be debilitating and even lethal. A 3D printed silicone shoe can help reverse this inflammation and promises a better future for bumblefoot patients. Walter, a 21-year-old female hooded vulture. was suffering from bumblefoot. Researchers at the Keio-National University of Singapore Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments Center (NUS-CUTE) spent two intensive months in the creative development of this 3D printed shoe to treat Walter’s bumblefoot. Mandai Wildlife Group, formerly known as Wildlife Reserves Singapore, is a self-funded organisation based in Singapore which manages the majority of zoos in the country. The acting deputy vice pres

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