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Researchers Discover Heat Transfer That Expands the Liedenfrost Effect, an 18th-Century Principle

Image credit: Pexels The researchers at Virginia Tech Research University, have found properties of water that could give a new look to the 18th-century phenomenon, the Liedenfrost effect. This discovery can help in using the basic properties of water to cool industrial devices. The research was conducted by Associate Professor Jonathan Boreyko and a graduate student Mojtaba Edalatpour . Like most matter, water also exists in three forms- solid, liquid and gas. Solid-state ice changes into a liquid state, water and liquid state change into the gaseous state when heat is applied. This shows that the behavior of water changes in the presence of heat.  According to Professor Boreyko , the water droplets do not boil when placed on aluminum plates that are heated above 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit). He explained this phenomenon using the Liedenfrost effect . This is a physical phenomenon in which a liquid produces an insulating surface or vapor layer that prevents it from bo

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