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Mapping of Hoverfly Brains Helps Detect Drones' Acoustic Signals

  Credits: UAS Vision For the first time, Australian researchers reverse-engineered hoverfly’s' visual capabilities to identify drones' audio signals from over four kilometres away.  The findings were published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , and they might assist tackle the expanding worldwide threat presented by IED-carrying drones, particularly in Ukraine.  Trials utilizing bio-inspired signal processing techniques reveal up to a 50 percent greater detection rate than previous approaches, according to autonomous systems specialists from the University of South Australia , Flinders University , and defence company Midspar Systems. According to Anthony Finn , a UniSA Professor of Autonomous Systems, insect vision systems have been mapped for some time to enhance camera-based detections, but this is the first time bio-vision has been applied to acoustic data.  “Bio-vision processing has been shown to greatly increase the detection range of drones in both

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