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Geneva Study Shows Playing Action Video Games Increases School Children's Attention by Sevenfold

Photo by  from  Pexels Decoding letters into sounds is an important part of learning to read, but it is not sufficient for mastering the process. Recently, a video game was created that blends action video games with mini-games that teach several executive functions such as working memory, inhibition, and cognitive flexibility, all of which are used while reading. The goal is to recreate the elements of an action game while avoiding the use of violence , making it suitable for young children. Daphné Bavelier , a professor in the Psychology Section of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE) at the University of Geneva points out that “Reading calls upon several other essential mechanisms that we don’t necessarily think about, such as knowing how to move our eyes on the page or how to use our working memory to link words together in a coherent sentence.” Angela Pasqualotto , first author of this study, explains “These other skills, such as vision, the dep

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