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The Rotation Axis of a Black Hole Is Tilted More Than 40 Degrees in a Binary Star System Find Finn Researchers

  Image credit:  Pixabay The researchers at the  University of Turku, Finland,  have found that the rotation axis of a black hole in a binary star system is tilted more than 40 degrees relative to the stellar orbit axis (stars' rotation axis).  A binary  star  system consists of two stars held together by gravitational force. This force makes the stars orbit around each other at a common center. When a black hole passes through a binary system, a force of attraction is established that tilts the rotation axis of the black hole. This observation by the researchers is the first reliable evidence that shows a huge difference between the axis of a binary system orbit and the axis of rotation of a black hole. This discovery can challenge current black hole formation theories and models. "The expectation of alignment, to a large degree, does not hold for the bizarre objects such as black hole X-ray binaries. The black holes in these systems were formed as a result of a cosmic catacl

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