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Sharks Take Refuge In Deep Waters To Survive The Natural Calamities And Their Aftermath

Existing on earth for more than 400 million years, sharks have learned how to survive natural disasters and mass extinction events by diving deep into oceans and predicting storms. Along with volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and hurricanes, they have also survived the Big Five - the series of mass destruction events that destroyed swathes of plants and animals over millions of years. Image Credits: Pixabay The most disastrous of them was the Permian-Triassic extinction also known as the Great Dying, which occurred 252 million years ago. This mass extinction event destroyed 90 percent of marine life, 70 percent of land wildlife from which the Earth took 10 million years to recover. However, sharks survived. Finding Evidence For Shark Life In Deep Water According to the research published in 2013, during the Cretaceous period (a geological period that lasted about 145 to 66 million years ago), palaeontologists (people who study fossils) found fossilised teeth of the tiny Cladodontomorph s

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