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Looking beyond tumour-inducing effects of cell phones

  The cell phone has become an integral part of our lives. Thanks to the multiple tasks that today's smartphones can handle, a cell phone is promoted more as "Life Companion" than a gadget.  Even among friends and colleagues it has become quite common to find individuals who are so attached to their cell phones that they ' cannot live without them ', feel anxious if left without their phones or feel this need to answer every call they receive on their phone.  This addiction to stay connected has become a favorite topic for research on how cell phone usage affects our day-to-day lives. Initial studies concentrated on how cell phone usage affected tasks such as driving.  Results from such studies promoted the imposition of restrictions on drivers but pedestrians were left free to use their phones during their commute. A recent study focusing on pedestrian cell phone usage now tell us that attention of cell phone users is so impaired that most users fai

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