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7.5 million wasps under one roof ? [Video]

Wasp (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Can you imagine what it would be to see seven and half million wasps under one roof? Don't worry they are not alive and are well segregated taxonomically . Well, this is what you can expect when you are visiting the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). In its recently released episode of Shelf Life , something that we have sharing at Coffee Table Science, since the day it began, the AMNH takes us to its collection of 7.5 million wasps that is still being catalogued, even though it was donated to the museum in the late 1950's. Why, because cataloging takes a lot of time and 7.5 million is a massive number. Interestingly, the entire collection was donated by Alfred Kinsey 's wife, the same Alfred Kinsey who is known for his revelations of human sexuality . If you would like read more about it, here is our post about How Sexology became a Science . For now, let's get back to the 7.5 million wasps in this Shelf Life Episode.

Who needs dollars?... We have alternate money!

History textbooks have spoken of the Barter system as our first medium for exchange of goods but paper money has been our medium of exchange for goods for over three to four centuries. While each country issues its own paper money, the US dollar has been globally accepted as a genuine currency and even countries have a demand for the US Dollar for their day-to-day transactions.  But a series of events that have occurred in the recent past might have just started shaping our new future. A future independent of US dollars, a future independent of national bank notes, a future that involves the use of alternate money. Alternate money has been in use for a long time, mostly complementing regular money in the markets. Everyday, we collect units of alternate currencies in the form of loyalty points at fuel-stations, supermarkets and frequent flier miles on our air-tickets.  We are quick to use this alternate currency to buy more fuel, more groceries or get a free-trip, without much real

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