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How many trees does the Earth have?

We have always been told about the importance of forestation, the need for trees and how deforestation is causing climate change. Many of us are willing to and also actively participating to revert climate change. Keep your world clean and green.  Save trees,Save the environment!!  Cl ean city,Green city!!  To have a good scenery, there should be little greenery!  are everywhere and we are all eager to see a greener Earth. But like any other goal that we chase, shouldn't we know where we are starting and what are we aiming at? How many trees does the Earth have and is there a tree census done every decade. Recently, New York City took up the initiative to map and catalogue every tree on every street of the city. Called, TreesCount!2015 , it is a crowd sourced program, looking for the task to be completed through voluntreers . If you would like to be one, you can sign up here . But other than a few instances where cities or organizations such as Terracon or

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