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You’ve seen The Adam Project, but does the science hold?

Warning: this article contains spoilers If you saw The Adam Project recently and found yourself wondering if there was any truth to the science in it, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will discuss if the movie has more fiction or science and what might really happen if the science does hold.   Was the science behind the plot real?  I’m not referring to scenes where the glass doors that somehow didn’t shatter in the wake of the grenade that blasted even evil time travel agents off their feet, or the bullet that was only attracted to the giant magnet after it left the gun in the baddie’s hands. After all, no fictional movie franchise is above fudging the physics a bit for the sake of good cinematography. I’m talking about time travel. Are we really just a few decades away from it being real? Or are Ryan Reynolds (Adam Reed), Walker Scobell (nerdy 12-year-old Adam Reed), Mark Ruffalo (Dr. Louis Reed, time-travel-inventing genius), and Catherine Keener ( Maya Sorian, who t

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