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Future deafness treatments will be genetic in nature

As per estimates released in 2015, Deafness or hearing loss affects 1.1 billion people globally. There are many causes of deafness ranging from trauma to the ear to severe infections, developmental issues as well as exposure to noise. However, 80% of deafness cases are non-syndromic  i.e. do not show any other symptoms such as ear malformations and are also genetic in nature.  Cochlear implants have met a lot of success in recent years but come with its own set of benefits and risks  and are definitely not a permanent cure. Like with any other genetic condition, deafness, too, has been known to be non-curable. But recently published research puts hope on the horizon for patients with deafness that gene editing technology could one day become mainstream and allow treatment for genetic deafness.  Gene Editing technologies have taken the scientific world by storm in the recent years. Among these, CRISPR - Cas 9 system  has gained quite a reputation for itself. What was publis

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