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Scientists Tested a Well Known Colourful Jumping Spider to Find That It Is Colorblind.

Photo by  Angeli Ann Dinsay  from  Pexels Nathan Morehouse , associate professor at the University of Cinncinati, examined a common jumping species of spider, Saitis barbipes , found in Europe and North America. The males of this species have furry red crowns and legs. They perform courtship dances to attract their female counterparts. "We assumed they were using colour for communication. But we didn't know if their visual system even allowed them to see those colours," said David Outomoro , a researcher associated with the study. The biologists collected spiders for lab study in Germany. They used microspectrophotometry to identify the sensitivity of their photoreceptors (light-sensing cells) towards the light of different colours and wavelengths . But, they found no evidence for red photoreceptors.  Microspectrophotometry is a technique used to measure the absorption and transmission of a light spectrum. This can be measured through a microspectrophotometer. Here, the t

Why do fish need sunscreen? [Coffee-byte]

Danio rerio, better known as the zebrafish (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) If you remember your last trip to the beach and try to list out the things you took for this trip, chances are that the sun block or sunscreen will feature in there. Why just the beach, using a sun screen is almost a part of our daily routine, whenever we know we will be spending time under the sun. But, as you might have noticed, it is only humans who wear a sun block while the rest of creatures walk, swim and fly on the planet, unprotected. As much as we, humans, like to think that we are the smartest on the planet, we actually are not. The fact is that we have to manufacture our sun blocks in factories, whereas fishes can do it on their own. Why just adult fishes, even fish eggs can do this nifty trick that protects them from harmful sunrays. Research conducted at the Oregon State University , shows that zebrafish can produce this magic chemical called gadusol, that can protect it from UV-B rays of

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