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Human Expedition To Mars Can Be Powered By Using Solar Energy, Say US Researchers

As humanity plans an expedition to the Martian surface, one would speculate that nuclear power would be the best option for faraway crewed missions. Researchers at the University of California (UC), Berkeley , have now shown that a crewed mission to Mars could be powered by solar energy. Image Credits: Pixabay The current study is unique because the researchers compared the distinct ways of generating power and evaluated the requirements of a nuclear-powered system against various photovoltaic devices and photoelectrochemical devices. Photovoltaic devices are those devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity, whereas photoelectrochemical devices convert abundant solar energy into stored electrical energy. Comparing The Power Generating Options A small nuclear fission device is location-agnostic (independent of nuclear outpost location establishment), while the efficiency of solar power devices relies on the intensity of sunlight, surface temperature and other factors that

Scientists conducted an experiment in the lab that explains why the Sun is sooooo hot!

Image: A plasma ejection during a solar flare. Immediately after the eruption, cascades of magnetic loops form over the eruption area as the magnetic fields attempt to reorganize. Source: Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA One of the major mysteries of solar physics is why the Sun's corona, the outermost part of its atmosphere reaches temperatures of several million degrees Celsius . A "hot" path leading to a region of the solar atmosphere just below the corona, where sound waves and certain plasma waves move at the same speed, explains this effect. A team from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) , a German national lab, developed a laboratory model and for the first time experimentally confirmed the theoretically predicted behaviour of these plasma waves – called Alfvén waves. This was done in an experiment using the molten alkali metal rubidium and pulsed high magnetic fields, as reported in the journal Physical Review Letters. In solar physics, it is now comm

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