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RotM: Interview with Prof. Steve Winder

For our recent Researcher of the Month, we spoke to Professor Steve Winder, Professor of Molecular Cell Biology , at the Department of Biomedical Science , The University of Sheffield . His laboratory focuses on the study of dystroglycan , a protein that plays an important role in cell adhesion and signalling. His recent paper in Human Molecular Genetics speaks about the a FDA approved drug, currently being used for treating leukemia as a treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Here is Professor Win der telling us more about his lab's findings and how we might cure DMD in the near future.  CTS : For the benefit of our readers, could you please tell us more about your  findings in the recent study.  SW: Identification of a systemically acting and universal small molecule therapy for   Duchenne muscular dystrophy would be an enormous advance for this condition. Based on evidence gained from studies on mouse genetic models, we have identified tyrosine phosp

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