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Did scientists unearth the secret to aging?

  Image Credit: istockphoto Even the healthiest and luckiest animal, who's never had any illness or disease and has never been in a life-threatening situation, dies. Several predictions have been made that could explain this phenomenon. Most explanations revolve around the idea that DNA mutates over time, causing terminal diseases like cancer . This might lead you to think that large animals should die more quickly than small animals since large animals have more cells that can mutate.   While this idea could explain why small dogs tend to outlive large dogs, it doesn’t explain why the trend isn't always true between different species. For example, mice are far smaller and have far fewer cells than giraffes. It would make sense for mice to be less prone to developing deadly mutations and to live longer as a result. This is clearly not the case, as healthy mice tend to live to around 4 years whereas giraffes can live to be 25.   Why does this happen? And can the typical naked m

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