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RotM : Interview with Dr. Sonja Schrepfer

For this month's Researcher of the Month, we spoke to  Dr. Sonja Schrepfer , Professor of Surgery,  at Division of Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of California San Francisco (UCSF).  Dr. Sonja is also the Director at TSI Lab at UCSF, which focuses on methods for preventing immunological rejection of tissue in heart and lung transplant.  Dr. Sonja's recent publication in Nature Biotechnology , tells us about recent advancements made by her lab in generating derivatives from stem cells that avoid immunorejection in healthy recipients.  CTS : For the benefit of our readers, could you please explain in brief what your team has achieved in this publication? Dr. Sonja Schrepfer (SS) : Our team used CRISPR to create the first pluripotent stem cells that are functionally “invisible” to the immune system, a feat of biological engineering that prevents rejection of stem cell transplants and brings the promise of regenerative medicine a step closer to becoming

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