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US Researchers Make Flexible OLED Display Screen Using 3D Printing for the First Time

Image credit: University of Minnesota                                       The researchers at the University of Minnesota Twins Cities have developed a fully 3D-printed, flexible OLED display using a customised printer that can print objects for you. This finding can help to produce low-cost OLED displays in the coming years, instead of technicians using costly microfabrication facilities to construct small-scale structures such as computer chips, smartphone displays, etc. The detailed study is published in Science Advances . OLED Technology- Overview OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode- a technology that uses LEDs to produce light by organic molecules. This technology helps to create the world’s best display panels. Organic displays are prepared by placing thin films of organic semiconductors such as silicon or gallium arsenide between two conductors. These films emit a bright light when an electric current is applied. Each pixel emits its own light and is controlled indivi

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