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Human Gut Bacteria Have 'Sex' to Share Vitamin B12

Pixabay Researchers at the University of California Riverside (UCR) have found that human gut bacteria have sex to pass or share vitamin B12 with each other.   Vitamin B12 is one of the essential nutrients that is required for the growth and development of different body parts, including the brain, blood cells, nerves, in humans. Without this nutrient, many living cells, including, bacteria can not function. Thus, beneficial gut bacteria share the ability to capture this nutrient with one another. "The process involves one cell forming a tube that DNA can pass through to another cell," said Patrick Degnan , UCR microbiologist and study head. "It's as if two humans had sex, and now they both have red hair." Scientists have been aware of this process for years. They knew that 'jumping genes' were responsible for transferring DNA between organisms. Many studies have shown that these genes helped bacteria stay alive in the presence of antibiotics (medicine

Catching up with Science 2

Killing animals a regular practice in zoos   Zoos have always been a grey area when it comes to animal lovers and conservationist. While some argue that it offers a safe haven for endangered animals who have lost their habitat in the wild, (thanks to our voracious need to spread ourselves on the planet), some argue that confining these creatures is as good as torture. But the argument against zoos has become stronger because of the practice of Zoothanasia – a common practice of zoo to put down perfectly healthy animals because they don’t fit their economical budget. You can read more about it here .   Animals showing morals values  if you thought that morals and values were traits that were exclusively human, you are gravely mistaken. Time and again, researchers, conservationist world over come face to face with instances where animals have shown compassion, morality a sense of right and wrong (or at least come close to it). It just goes to show how much

Catching up with Science!

There is a lot that is going around in the world and there is only so much time on our hands. Because we do so much of reading (you know, for obvious reasons) we are happy to bring to you the most interesting stories every month, published on other blog, news sites    and university website feeds.  Worms that have three sexes This is however, an earthworm! Now here’s a fun story that you can throw around in a group discussion to grab a few head turns. The worm in question is the Auanema rhodensis, a curious little (quite little) being that is found in the Connecticut and Virginia. Now three sexes in invertebrates are not uncommon, from earthworms to snails and even many fish are hermaphrodites. But what makes these A rhodensis so special is that they are self-fertilising   hermaphrodites, which is not heard of, at least till now. Diane Shakes professor of Biology at the College of William and Mary is one of the authors of the paper that speaks about these curious little s

Top 5 Extreme SEX in animals

Leather whips, silk ribbons and fur straps, if you were under the impression that kinky was something exclusively human, think again, nature gets far more freaky than our conservative beds. When it comes to having wild sex, animals and insects take it to a whole new level.  From diving water beetles that catch the females, risk her life, just so that she copulates ; to mating plugs that literally means the male severs off his own genitals, sacrificing his life to secure paternity. Here is a look at some really cringe worthy wild sex stories, from the wild.   Cannibalism What is common between a praying mantis , Issei Sagawa , and the black widow spider? If sexual cannibalism was your vague guess, then you’re right. Sexual cannibalism is something of a normal phenomenon among the arachnid. And it is generally the male who gives his all (quite literally) to his mate. While many get cannibalized by the larger, more aggressive female, some like the Australian redback spider

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