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Titan, An Extraterrestrial World That Resembles The Physical Features Of The Earth

Saturn's largest moon 'Titan', looks very familiar to Earth from space. The moon has rivers, lakes and seas filled by rain falling through a thick atmosphere. Though these landscapes look similar, they are composed of different materials. Liquid methane streams streak Titan's icy surface, and nitrogen winds build hydrocarbon sand dunes. Image Credits: Pixabay The mechanical properties of these materials are different from those of silicate-based substances that make up other sedimentary bodies in the solar system. These materials make Titan's landscape formation mysterious. Researchers at Stanford University have shown how Titan's different plains, labyrinth terrains and dunes could be formed by identifying a process of the formation of sand grains and bedrock depending on how the stream flows and the wind blows. Titan is the only other body in the solar system that has a seasonal liquid transport cycle (precipitation) like Earth. It is also a target for space

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