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NASA's Mega-Rocket, SLS Is Set to Roll out Humans and Cargo in Deep Space

NASA's new gigantic rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), was brought to the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, on March 17, 2022, for rehearsal to the moon. NASA's Artemis Program which aims to put the first woman and the first person of colour on the moon designed SLS to carry cargo and people into deep space. Image credit: NASA/ Wikimedia Commons The Making Of SLS The Space Launch System was approved in 2010 and initially scheduled to fly as early as 2017. But, it could not make its flight due to insufficient funds. The cost of the first four flights of the rocket was $4.1 billion each. Hence, the NASA team cancelled the launch of SLS in favour of cost-efficient and fast funding alternatives to deep space. Prior to the SLS, NASA was using multiple programs for human spaceflight. Previous NASA spaceflight programs such as the Space Shuttle and Constellation came to an end due to financial constraints. Thus, the Obama Administration promoted the private sector to develo

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