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Bird Anatomy Makes The Better-Legged Robots Than The Humans Do

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany , have invented a legged robot based on bird biology. This robot balances speed and walking efficiency. Image credits: Pixabay Alexander Bardi-Spröwitz , a researcher at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems was trying to design a bipedal (two-legged) robot resembling the structure of a bird. The problem was that the biologists were unable to explain the bird anatomy based on technical or engineering terms. “It’s not their goal to build a robot,” said Bardi-Spröwitz. “It’s a bit frustrating for me as an engineer because I need certain types of information.” To know more about bird anatomy, he met Monica Daley , a veterinary scientist at the Royal Veterinary College in England. She offered him the position of postdoctoral alongside her veterinary students. “That got me thinking about how we use our understanding of locomotion and animals to develop more agile robots,” said Daley. The two researc

A Wall-E Future?

Set in the year 2805, WALL-E sent the world in a wave of "aweee"s as movie goers came out of the theatres overwhelmed with gestures of the cute little bot. While WALL-E (short for W aste A llocation L oad L ifter - E arth class) was conceptualized to sort out wastes on planet Earth while its irresponsible future inhabitants cruised around the world, little are we realising that slowly and surely, we are moving towards a future, quite alike the movie, WALL-E.  It is likely that our readers are thinking on the lines of how we are polluting our Earth and the rampant deforestation that accompanies the "development" of our civilization, but today we would like to talk about automation instead and how we are moving towards a future that includes having robots in our daily lives.  Smartness is a quality no longer limited to phones and television sets but something that has moved further to devices. As we become used to the Internet of Things as it is developi

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