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The Sound of Music!

Music is one of the most mysterious entities in the world of science. Food for your brain, but how does it work really? I am a conservative when it comes to what kind of music I like listening to and what I presume would make me cringe. Now because I am from India, have lived in UAE and done a wee bit of roaming around the globe, I like to say I have a wide spectrum of sounds I find very pleasant.  But having said that, there are styles of music that I’d rather not venture into, and they do make it to my “no way I can ever listen to this” category.   But a recent article forced me to listen to some pieces that although are clear candidates of my ‘cringe worthy’ music category, I really loved a few of them, and they, and in extension a few others in the category, have been regulars on my playlist off late. This really got me thinking, about how arbitrary my definition of what I find unpleasant in music really was, which further got me thinking, how arbitrary music real

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